Grader Blades

  • Rhino 3500 Series Grader Blade

    The 3500 blade (300 draw bar HP wheel-type tractors max.) is available in widths of 12' and 14' and features a massive CAT III-IV three-point hitch and quick-hitch. MODELS 07123500 12’ Blade Complete (Up to 300 HP) 07143500 14’ Blade Complete (Up to 250 HP) The 14' model is rated for up to 250 draw bar horsepower wheel-type tractors. Hydraulic adjustment of the mainframe swing, moldboard angle, and moldboard tilt is standard for easy and fast adjustments. The 3500 features a maximum of 50" of offset to easily reach outside the dual wheels of large tractors. The 5" diameter solid steel kingpin, boxed-section, reinforced 1/2" x 20" moldboard, and heavy-duty hitch and mainframe provide the dependability Rhino blades are known for. Skid shoes, quick-tach end plates, and dual gauge wheels are optional equipment adding to the versatility of the 3500 blade. (See the ADD OPTIONS tab) Every Rhino rear blade features a precision-formed moldboard with the exact curvature needed to achieve maximum penetration. The constant curvature and the perfect fit of the replaceable cutting edge allows Rhino blades to cut and roll the material rather than dragging, saving time, horsepower, and fuel. Another important feature not found on most competitive blades is the cutting edge which extends out past the end of the moldboard slightly, reducing the rate of wear on the moldboard. Every Rhino big blade features a solid steel cold rolled kingpin, heavy-duty three-point hitch, massive mainframe, and reinforced moldboard for superior strength and durability. All pivot points are designed and built to exacting tolerances for a tight fit, long wear, and dependable service. Multiple manual adjustment settings and infinite hydraulic settings make Rhino blades one of the easiest rear blades to operate. Product Uses and Applications Ditch Work Terrace Building/Maintenance Building/ Maintaining Roads Snow Removal Clean Livestock Lots

  • Rhino 2500 Series Grader Blades

    The 2500 Grader Blade (2WD, 250 PTO HP tractors max.) Is available in 3 models with widths of 8’, 10' and 12' and features a massive CAT II-III three-point hitch and quick-hitch. MODELS 07250008 8’ Blade Complete (Up to 250 PTO HP) 07250010 10’ Blade Complete (Up to 225 PTO HP) 07250012 12’ Blade Complete (Up to 175 PTO HP) The 12' model is rated for up to 175 PTO HP wheel-type tractors. Hydraulic adjustment of the mainframe swing, moldboard angle, and moldboard tilt is standard for easier operation. The 2500 blade features a maximum of 46" of offset for working hard-to reach areas. The boxed-section, reinforced 1/2" x 20" moldboard, 4-1/2" solid steel kingpin, and massive hitch and mainframe ensure years of dependable service. Skid shoes, quick-tach end plates, and dual gauge wheels are optional equipment adding to the many possible uses of the 2500 blade. (See the ADD OPTIONS TAB)

  • Lifestyle® Grader Blades

    This deceptively strong LIFESTYLE ® GRADER BLADE is the ideal implement to add to your compact tractor package. This unit has been designed for compact tractors up to 40HP. The R.H.S heavy wall main frame and the 6mm reinforced blade give you the strength that is needed. This blade has 6 angle adjustments in both grading and back blading positions and along with that a replaceable cutting edge. Put this strong little blade to use whether its grading, levelling water tables or cleaning out feeding pads the LIFESTYLE ® GRADER BLADE just loves it. The LIFESTYLE ® GRADER BLADE is available in 4', 5' and 6'. MODELS LGB 1200 1.2m (48”) Grader Blade LGB 1500 1.5m (60”) Grader Blade LGB 1800 1.8m (72”) Grader Blade MODEL SPECIFICATIONS LGB1200 LGB1500 LGB1800 Width 1200 1500 1800 Cat 1 Standard Standard Standard Tractor HP 18-40 18-40 18-40 Replaceable Cutting Edge  Standard Standard Standard

  • Heavy Duty Grader Blades

    HGB Series Heavy Duty Graderblades – for tractors up to 100 horsepower Another quality Fieldquip implement.  These are ideal for leveling, gardening, road maintenance, and feedlots. The blade design allows you to cut and roll the soil rather than drag it, saving you time, horsepower, and fuel. Manual adjustments are standard. Available in 3 models from 1.8m to 2.4m MODELS HGB1800 1.8m (72”) Grader Blade HGB2100 2.1m (84”) Grader Blade HGB2400 2.4m (96”) Grader Blade

  • Hydraulic Grader Blades

    The XGB Series HYDRAULIC Grader Blade is available in 1.8m to 2.4m lengths in 3 models MODELS XGB1800 1.8m (72”) Grader Blade XGB2100 2.1m (84”) Grader Blade XGB2400 2.4m (96”) Grader Blade  


    The Fieldquip Box-Blades are ideal for levelling, finish grading, backfilling at building sites, feedlots, tracks, races, paddock levelling and more!! • Double (forward & reverse) cutting edges. • Formed Moldboard for superior performance. • Reversible cutting edges are 1/2 x 6” resulting in greater durability. • Heat-treated (dimple-on) tips for extended life of scarifiers. • Heat-treated steel shanks scarify the ground for excellent soil preparation (height adjustable). The scarifier height can be adjusted to loosen the soil at a desired depth or raised out of the way. Each box scraper has two reversible cutting edges. MODELS BB 1200 1.2m (48”) BB 1500 1.5m (60”) BB 1800 1.8m (72”) BB 2100 2.1m (84”) SPECIFICATIONS Model Width No.Tines Suits H.P. Linkage Cat. BB1200 (4’)1.2m 3 25-35 1 BB1500 (5’)1.5m 3 20-40 1 BB1800 (6’)1.8m 5 25-40 1 (2opt) BB2100 (7’)2.1m 6 25-50 1 (2opt)

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