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Pasture Toppers

  • Major Trailed Offset Topper

    • Full hydraulic offset control. • Hydraulic breakaway system. • Wide angle PTO shaft. • Twin-cut ProCut swinging blades. The MAJOR Trailed Topper is a fully offset gear driven machine. It is offset for working and is folded into transport position hydraulically from the tractor seat. The rotors are timed with each other and have an overlap of 3 inches (75 mm). The blades rotate in opposite directions to each other and spread the cut grass evenly behind the machine. As the machine is fully offset there is no trampling of the pasture prior to cutting. The cutting height is set at the desired level by moving the adjustable side skids to the appropriate position. There is a limit stop on the ram which controls the rear axle.


    The MAJOR Centre Mounted Topper is a fully gear driven machine fitted with high speed rotors and twin cut swinging blades. The 909 HD Topper is a heavy duty topper featuring galvanised deck, extra heavy duty gearbox and is standard with twin wheels. A shearbolt PTO shaft is supplied as standard for best power transfer. Heavy duty transmission Rubber shock absorbers between rotor gearboxes Low maintenance - no belts or pulleys Twin cut swinging blade system

  • Major Flex Wing Topper Series

    The MAJOR Flex Wing Topper is a three point linkage mounted machine which folds up to 2.3m (7' 6') transport width. Like all MAJOR machines, the Flex Wing Topper is of robust construction. CE conformity is achieved through full PTO guarding and heavy rubber skirting to prevent debris from escaping. The wing cutting decks are raised by hydraulic control to transport position. The wings are capable of flexing from -15 to +25 degrees allowing the cutting unit to follow the ground contours. Contra-rotating swinging blades are retained in hardened steel bushings and clamped by sprung steel blade backs. ?Under-sole discs are fitted to prevent scalping and ensure a perfect finish every time. Robust pivot points Rubber shock absorbers Slip clutch PTO protection Hydraulic wing lift ProCut swinging blades 88mm (3 1/2?) blade overlap to eliminate striping