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Grass Finishing Mowers

  • Major MJ70 Rigid Deck Mowers

    The MAJOR Swift MJ70-190 and 240 are rigid deck mowers designed for everyday use where a durable, reliable mower is required.? This is a low maintenance mower that delivers a professional cylinder mower finish every time. It is quick and easy to attach to the tractor to increase mowing times.? The simple height adjustment can be selected from 10mm to 150mm to suit the working conditions, making this a really versatile mower.?? Strenx? 700 MC high-strength steel is used to manufacture this mower. Quick height adjustment system Gear driven drive line, eliminates the problems associated with belt driven mowers Internal roller bearings give total protection against moisture and soil Full width rollers allow the machine to follow the ground contours perfectly to give a professional striped finish All Swift mowers go through a rigorous shot blasting process before painting, for long life painted finish Wash down hose feature (applies to all Swift mowers) Optional scraper bar available (applies to all Swift mowers)

  • Major MJ71 Winged, Three Point Linkage

    The Swift winged roller mower delivers the all important after-cut appearance with ease. The three-point linkage system allows close attachment to the tractor unit for easier towing and safer road transport. The combination of a blade overlap with high blade tip speeds consistently delivers a professional, striped finish. The Swift range of roller mowers are engineered to deliver an impeccable cut, even in unfavourable weather conditions. All Swift roller mowers are built using Strenx™ 700 MC high performance steel and hot-dipped galvanised to EN ISO1461:2009 specifications. These features significantly extends the machine lifespan and ensures a high trade-in value. The wings lock into a neat 1.9m transport width allowing for easy access through tight spaces. The LED road lighting kit ensures safe and high visibility movement between sites. Features: Walterscheid PTO drive shafts fitted as standard Simple height adjustment from 10-130mm for versatile and year round mowing 60mm blade overlap for a pristine finish Sealed internal roller bearings for total protection against moisture, soil and debris Full-length rollers follow the ground contours and limits scalping 3-year MAJOR warranty


    The MAJOR Swift front mounted range offers a rigid and winged version. These mowers are suitable for mowing in a variety of locations including military bases, airfields and race courses. There is 100% overview from the tractor cab making these mowers a great option where visibility is an issue. The MAJOR front mounted mowers can be used in conjunction with the rear mounted roller mowers for increased mowing capacity or for single pass operation. Features: No wheel markings Gear driven drive line, eliminates the problems associated with belt driven mowers Internal roller bearings give total protection against moisture and soil Full width rear roller ease of operation? and to allow the machine to follow ground contours 6 PLY tyre on the castor wheel for extra durability


    The MAJOR Swift Trailed roller mowers boast all the features and benefits of the MAJOR 3 point linkage winged version, but with a trailed configuration. This mower is ideal for contractors, turf farms, local authority use and any customer with significant traveling between sites. High specification LED road lighting is supplied as standard for safe road transportation. To ensure legality of your mower whilst using public highways, brakes are fitted as standard unlike similar mowers on the market. These mowers can be lifted up whilst travelling to avoid kerbs or other obstacles, without having to stop the tractor. Features: LED road lighting kit Fully braked for safe and legal road work Kerb lift Walterscheid wide angle PTO drive shaft supplied as standard Gear driven; mows in a variety of grass lengths

  • Major MR Finishing Mowers

    The MAJOR Finishing Mower is perfect for large lawns, estates, parks, golf courses and municipal maintenance. ?It is easily connected to the tractors 3 point linkage to have the machine ready for operation in minutes. ?With operator safety paramount on all MAJOR machines, the maintenance points are positioned to the top of the machine to eliminate danger to the operator. The four castor wheels can be set precisely to prevent scalping and are easily adjusted without the use of tools. ?Overlapping blades rotate within individual aerofoils to create a vacuum. ?This draws flattened grass to the cutting blade leaving a professional finish. download-brochure

  • Wiedenmann Flex Cut 230 Finishing Mower

    Large-scale mower, can be used as a rear discharge or recycling mower.