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ST120 Flex-SodCutter

ST120 Flex-SodCutter

Sod cutting is a great method to remove Turf in a very clean and efficient way. Most sod cutters rely on weight and brute force to cut sods.

The MAREDO ST120 Flex-SodCutter is designed differently. The counter balanced cutting blade is cutting smooth through even the most toughest Turf. The vibratory knife runs at a high RPM while the counter balance reduced the vibrations in the machine to a minimum.

When the ST120 is connected to the STrac 700 or STrac 720 it is very easy to cut sods without having to push or pull heavily on the machine. Easy to operate and clean cutting. It is possible to completely cut an area clean without leaving lines thanks to the floating head suspension. Sod cutting has never been this easy.



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