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ST230 HighSpeed-Corer

ST230 HighSpeed-Corer

It is important to keep the organic material layer in the rootzone of Turf under control. Too much organic matter can make the Turf unhealthy and will increase the risk of diseases.

With the ST230 Highspeed-Corer it is easy to remove organic material up to 75 mm/ 3″ The ST230 is very non destructive to the plants and the surface.

When connected to the STrac 700, the ST230 is a fast and light weight solution to remove organic matter in a clean way. The unique suspension of the tines put minimal stress on the edges op the produces holes. Ideal for weaker Turf areas.

The available tine selection for the ST230 offer a range of hollow, solid and cross tines. Ideal for all circumstances all year round.



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