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ST424 VibeSpike-Seeder

ST424 VibeSpike-Seeder

Overseeding grass is important to keep it strong and resistant against all kinds of outside threats. Regular overseeding keeps your grass green and healthy. MAREDO designed an efficient solution for overseeding or interseeding small, medium and large areas: The MAREDO ST424 VibeSpike-Seeder.

The ST424 is a dimple seeder which will plant the seed. A shaft with vibratory spike sections will produce a pattern of dimples. Right behind the spikes the seeds will be drop accurately by the dosing shaft. The seed will be ‘planted’ in the holes, helping to protect it against the weather and birds and ready to germinate.

The large diameter rear roller will help closing the slits and will also drive the seed dosing system. Changing gears help setting the right dosage needed.



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