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Wiedenmann Super Pro FXL-H Front Mower

Wiedenmann Super Pro FXL-H Front Mower

The mower deck of an extra class. Extremely robust for the rough continuous operation.

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  • Especially fine cut, even in curves, due to the high overcut of the blades
  • Rounded mower deck edges and a wedge-shaped ejection channel provide for a constant and unblocked flow of grass, even if the grass is moist or very thick.
  • This is very important if the cuttings are simultaneously sucked off by a vacuum collector.
  • Friction disks protect the blades from damages by foreign bodies
  • Due to specially elbowed blades, the cutting edge of the blade is deeper than the blade bearing, thus avoiding damage to the blade bearing
  • 4 standard anti-scalp rollers protect your turf from damage on undulating terrains
  • Very low noise emissions
  • The mower deck is supported by 2 large wheels at the front and by the front wheels of your mower at the rear, which provides for an extremely impressive smoothness of running
  • For maintenance purposes the mower deck can be lifted up
  • Available in 2 Size configurations – FXL-H150 1.5 mtr cut and FXL-H180 1.8 mtr cut