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A tough topper for pasture and land clearance in New Zealand

  When the going gets tough, the Cyclone pushes the roughness aside and keeps on cutting for Tom Grant in New Zealand The geographical nature of the Bay of Plenty the Kiwifruit capital of the world, in North Island, New Zealand is ideal for agricultural...

A Hard Nut to Crack!

Major Flex Wing offers best return for Australian Macadamia growers Daniel and Belinda Blanco The Macadamia nut is the only native Australian crop to be developed and traded internationally as a commercial food product. The tree is indigenous to the eastern seaboard of Queensland where...

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Major MJ70 Winged, Three Point Linkage

The MAJOR winged 3 point linkage Swift roller mower is a high-output machines, suitable for the maintenance of parks, schools and sports grounds. The high blade tip speeds of 90m/s give a perfect professional striped finish every time.

The wings fold neatly behind the tractor for safe transportation and allows entrance to sites where access is an issue.


  • 2.3m (MJ70-320) and 2.0m transport widths
  • Walterscheid PTO drive shafts fitted as standard
  • Wing lock for safe road transportation
  • Sits tight behind the tractor making towing easy and allows tighter turning circles
  • Two blade systems in one; a simple adjustment converts your blade from rigid blade to swinging blade
  • Optim™ high-strength steel is used to manufacture this mower. The overall weight of the machine is lighter than equivalent width mowers on the market, without compromising on build quality.
  • LED road lighting kit
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Model MJ70-320 MJ70-410 MJ70-550
Overall Width 3.3m (11′ 4″) 4.2m (13′ 9″) 5.6m (18′ 4″)
Working Width 3.2m (11′) 4.1m (13′ 5″) 5.5m (18′)
Transport Width 2.3m (7′ 6″) 2.0m (6′ 6″) 2.0m (6′ 6″)
Power (HP) 40-90 HP 50-100 HP 70-120 HP
PTO rpm 540 540 540
Cutting Height 10-150mm 10-150mm 10-150mm
Rotors 5 6 8
Blades 10 12 16
Weight 925kg 1130kg 1310kg
Blade tip speed 90 m/s 90 m/s 90 m/s




We have used other mowers in the past, however the finish given by the MAJOR 5.5m Swift was far superior to any other machine. We can cover over 15 acres an hour. The quality of cut is excellent and it’s a very reliable mower.

Gordon McMurdo, Director at Albar Turf

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