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  • Perfect cutting quality, both thick and thin branches
  • Forward speed = high capacity
  • Power Drive transmission, high efficiency, low power requirements
  • Saw blades with carbide tipped teeth = long life and minimal maintenance (grinding)

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Quadsaw LRS 2402 has a working width of 2.4 m  Quadsaw LRS 2402 cuts branches up to 21 cm in thickness  Quadsaw LRS 2402's maximum driving speed is 5 km/h  Quadsaw LRS 2402 weighs 239 kg

Circular Saw Hedge Cutter

The Quadsaw LRS 2402 wields four circular blades with carbide tipped teeth that are extremely sharp and provide a smooth cut of branches and limbs up to 21 cm (8.27”) in thickness. The circular saw has many uses, such as trimming back hedgerows or maintaining paths and roads in forest areas.

The Quadsaw LRS 2402 has a huge capacity as it has a large working width of 2.4 m (7’10”) and you can maintain a high driving speed of 5 km/h (3.11 mph). This makes the saw ideal for contractors who perform piece work and want to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

The saw is hydraulic driven and can be mounted on large vehicles used by farmers and contractors. The Quadsaw LRS 2402 can be mounted on telehandlers or front loaders by using our Multi Carrier HXF 3302 attachment frame. It can also be mounted on our boom mowers or directly on backhoes and excavators. We have a large selection of brackets and adapters that you can view in the equipment tab and we constantly develop new ones.

The Quadsaw series fits the following GreenTec machines:

LRS 1402 LRS 1602 LRS 2002 LRS 2402
Multi Carrier HXF 2302 Check mark
HXF 2802 Check mark Check mark
HXF 3302 Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga Reach Mower Twiga FLEX Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga BASIC Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga ORBITAL Check mark Check mark Check mark


Working width 2.4 m
Number of sawblades 4 pcs. Ø 60 cm
Branch thickness 0,5 – 21 cm
(0.20” – 8.27”)
Required hydraulic connections 1 x double acting + 1 x drain
Minimum oil flow, 28 cc motor 85 l/min, max 150 bar
(22.5 gpm, max 2176 psi)
Alternative min. oil flow, 15 cc motor 50 l/min, max 180 bar
(13.2 gpm, max 2611 psi)
Blade speed 3200 rpm
Driving speed up to 5 km/h
(3.11 mph)
Weight 239 kg
(527 lb)


Blade diameter 60 cm (2’)
Continuous duty motor
Carbide tipped blades
Belt stretcher
Power Band belt drive
Belt tension gauge
Anti-cavitation valve
Large smooth surface
Narrow body
Branch driver at each sawblade
4 circular blades in a line
7° angle allows overlap between the blades
Skid shoe (the saw avoids hitting the ground)
Pressure relief valve
Mechanical quick release
Hydraulic quick release
Oil flow divider
90° hydraulic slew
Rotor with blades


 = Standard equipment

 = Optional equipment


Cavitation and anti-cavitation:

This product comes with an anti-cavitation valve which is used to minimize the risk of cavitation damage in connection with insufficient inlet pressure.

What is cavitation damage?

Cavitation occurs when the pressure drops below the vapor pressure, which will bring the fluid to boil as the boiling point is reduced. Liquid is converted to gas and then the temperature drops and the gas is converted back into compressed liquid again. If the pressure cannot be adjusted continuously, the above process wherein the liquid is converted to gas and back again will be repeated. In the process where gas is converted back into compressed fluid, small implosions that form heat and noise strong enough to erode metal will occur.

Standard Equipment

Blade diameter 60 cm

Oil engine 50 l/min, HXF


Oil engine 50 l/min, max 180 bar (22.5 gpm, max 2176 psi)


Oil engine 85 l/min, max 150 bar (13.2 gpm, max 2611 psi)

Carbide tipped blades

Belt stretcher

Power Band belt drive

Anti-cavitation valve

Belt tension gauge

7° angle allows overlap between the blades

4 circular blades in a line

Blade protection

Branch driver

Narrow body

Skid shoe

Large smooth surface


Optional Equipment


90° hydraulic slew incl fitting (OPTE953.3)


Quick coupling hydraulic MID (OPTE3081)


Quick coupling hydraulic PRO/FLEX (OPTE3082)


Adapterkit HXF 3302 incl fitting (OPTE4081)


Blade rotor cpl (4pcs) OPTE4225


50L/min motor w/anticav & fitting (OPTE6080)


85L/min motor w/anticav & fitting (OPTE6081)


50L/min motor HXF incl. fitting (OPTE6080)


Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings


Adapter McConnel R incl flowdivider & fitting (OPTE669)


Adapter McConnel L incl flowdivider & fitting (OPTE669.1)


Quick coupling mech Twiga (OPTE3080)


Adapterkit Twiga incl fittings & hose (OPTE4080)


Adapter Mulag with 50 l/min motor and oil flowdivider (OPTE4204)


Adapter Twose incl fitting & hose (OPTE4224)


Adapter Excavator 45° weld-on incl. flowdivider & fitting (OPTE4266)


Adapterkit 50L incl flowdivider, fittings & hose (OPTE6084-50)


Adapterkit 85L incl flowdivider, fittings & hose (OPTE6084-85)


Adapter Excavator “straight” for weld-on (OPTE8011)

Additional information


9992402L, 9992402R

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