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The do’s and don’ts of starting your own lawn care business

Often people get fed up with “working for the man”, so they quit their job with the grand idea of starting a lawn mowing business. We get it. We did the exact same thing when we started many moons ago, and we know how liberating...

Best practice tips for spring turf maintenance

Springtime in Australia means that it’s time to fertilise your lawn. Fertilising the lawn speeds up growth and will allow the grass to grow stronger roots for the hotter months to come. To get your lawn looking its best throughout the spring season, you need...

10 of the most thrilling State of Origin moments

[spb_text_block animation=”none” animation_delay=”0″ simplified_controls=”yes” custom_css_percentage=”no” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ margin_vertical=”0″ custom_css=”margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;” border_size=”0″ border_styling_global=”default” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] State of Origin is often referred to as Australia’s greatest sporting rivalry. The New South Wales Blues started their own dynasty this year and clinched back-to-back series wins for...

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Wiedenmann Flex Cut 230 Finishing Mower

Large-scale mower, can be used as a rear discharge or recycling mower.

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  • Ideal for mowing large areas such as sports grounds, parts, roughs, and semi-roughs.
  • The working width of 230 cm ( 91″) allows extremely efficient and time-saving work. Three-point mounted
  • FLEX CUT has two independently mounted decks with two blades each ( of DuraBlade quality) that enable the mower to adapt flexibly to ground contours in any direction
  • A central pivot system provides an even cut
  • Each deck is driven by a maintenance-free self-tensioning V-belt. The transfer case is integrated centrally into the chassis
  • The individual decks are guided by 3 wheels each ( 11 x 4.00) and 2 additional anti-scalp rollers
  • The optional MULCH STAR converts your FLEX CUT into a recycling mower

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