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A tough topper for pasture and land clearance in New Zealand

  When the going gets tough, the Cyclone pushes the roughness aside and keeps on cutting for Tom Grant in New Zealand The geographical nature of the Bay of Plenty the Kiwifruit capital of the world, in North Island, New Zealand is ideal for agricultural...

A Hard Nut to Crack!

Major Flex Wing offers best return for Australian Macadamia growers Daniel and Belinda Blanco The Macadamia nut is the only native Australian crop to be developed and traded internationally as a commercial food product. The tree is indigenous to the eastern seaboard of Queensland where...

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Major Cyclone Mower

The MAJOR Range of Cyclone Mowers has been designed to do the work of a flail mower but requires a fraction of the power and fuel that a flail mower would consume.

These machines are strong, rugged and robust; specifically designed for use in set-aside, forestry margin management and sensitive environmental scrubland control. This machine easily copes with the toughest of conditions including shrub, saplings, gorse and brush as well as the clearance of arable stubble, including maize, rapeseed and cotton crops.

Strenx™ 700 MC high-strength steel is used in the manufacture of these machines.  This material is stronger than steel traditionally used in machinery manufacturing. The undersole discs are produced from Hardox® 450, a wear and abrasion resistant steel.  An optional side shift unit is available which allows the operator adjust the mower 30cm to the left and right.

  • Can be front or rear mounted (to be specified when ordering)
  • Patented ‘blender’ double chop blade system
  • 25% less power and fuel consumption required than a similar sized flail machine
  • Impact shock reducing swinging hardened spring steel blades
  • Low maintenance machine with less wearing parts than a flail mower
  • Heavy duty rear roller
  • Galvanised finish.
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Model MJ30-200 MJ31-250 MJ31-280 MJ31-300 MJ30-350
Single Wing
Single Wing
Double Wing
Overall width 2.1m (7’) 2.65m (8’9”) 3.00m (10’) 3.0m (10’) 3.65m (12′) 4.43m (14’6”) 5.81m (19’)
Cutting width 2m (6′ 5″) 2.5m (8’1”) 2.80m (9’2”) 2.85m (9′ 4″) 3.5m (11′ 5″) 4.20m (13’9”) 5.60m (18’4”)
Transport Width 2.10m (7’) 2.65m (8’9”) 3.00m (10’) 3.00m (10’) 2.50m (8’2″) 2.50m (8’2”) 2.03m (6’9”)
No. of Blades 12 16 16 12 20 24 32
No. of Rotors 3 4 4 3 5 6 8
Power (HP) 50 – 100 70 – 120 80 – 120 80 – 140 90 -140 100 – 150 110 – 150
PTO (rpm) 540 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Blade speed 75m/s  75m/s  58m/s  75m/s  58m/s  58m/s  58m/s
Cutting height 40-200mm 40-200mm 40-200mm 40-200mm 50-170mm 50-170mm 50-170mm
Weight 600kg 785kg 945kg 890kg 1120kg 1265kg 1680kg


Mowing in Macadamias made easy with a single pass from the 4.2 metre MJ31-420DW Cyclone. The Cyclone follows the V shape between the rows, mulching the grass and leaves making harvesting easy.


We run a flock of 500 sheep alongside a medium sized beef enterprise on the Isle of Arann in Scotland. Rushes are our biggest challenge so we were in the market for a flail mower but our dealer, Hamilton Brothers, suggested we try a Major Cyclone Mower. The mower was brought over on demonstration and once we saw it working we asked Hamilton Brothers to leave it with us. A flail mower in an equivalent working width would require far more power than we're putting into the Cyclone so there is a fair fuel saving there. It's just a very strong, reliable and cost effective mower. If we had bought a flail mower and seen this after we'd have been annoyed!

David Henderson, Isle of Arann, Scotland

Our Cyclone has been a great purchase because I can use it for mulching shrub as well as topping and general grassland maintenance and we can use a much smaller tractor now.

Owenie McGowan, Owenie McGowan, Drystock Farmer, Co Leitrim, Ireland

A reason we got the Major Cyclone mower is because it’s tough. We bought it for the staff to tidy up pastures and doing the topping. You can be rough with it and it’ll just push the roughness to one side and just keep cutting.

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